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Buy methanolone. Methenolone is a long-acting steroid with a different parenteral administration. The form of the drug is represented by an oily solution, which is contained in special ampoules. The use of intramuscular steroids helps to accelerate the effect of reception, as well as to reduce the effect on the liver. In terms of effectiveness, the drug is regularly compared to dipropionate and drostanolone, but it should be remembered that primobolan has several differences compared to the indicated means. The drug shows a low level of anabolic activity of 88 percent with low androgenic activity in 45 percent of testosterone. The half-life of the drug is 7 days.

Description of methenolone. Today you can buy primobolan on our website, where visitors can expect a detailed description, as well as comments from experienced bodybuilders. Initially, the tool was used for medical purposes, and only consequently began its use for doping. The drug comes in quickly and slowly. We are talking about acetate and enanthate, which were created for use in traditional medicine. With his help, the therapy was planned to be carried out after the main operations carried out by the man.

Bodybuilders quickly appreciated the potential for personal use. Primobolan, whose price is low, has an optimal balance of efficacy and safety, so it is actively used by beginners. Anabolic does not have an estrogenic or progestogenic effect, therefore it helps to achieve fast and high quality muscle growth. During the course you do not have to deal with water retention. Methenolone contributes to the fight against fat abnormalities. It has virtually no recoil phenomenon inherent in many more powerful substances.

The specificity of the formula has led to the fact that it is used in drying courses. The main task of athletes is related to building relief muscles, as well as a slight increase in their volume. Methenolone can also be purchased for weight gain, when the drug is combined with heavier substances, including oxymetholone. Helps to maintain the result achieved. The majority of athletes positively evaluate the intake of the drug, since it is practically free of negative effects. Primobolan is sufficient to use according to the prescribed dose to forget about the consequences for the body.

Primobolan price

Methenolone course. The price of methenolone is greatly driving demand. Since the drug was harmless, it is recommended not only for men but also for women. The athlete's level of experience does not play a role while using the funds. For men, the dose is up to 800 mg per week. The average value is 400-500 mg, and the injections should be placed on different days with a long pause. Women can use smaller amounts. The optimal dose will be in the range of 50-100 mg. This will help eliminate virilization in the body.

Improving the efficiency of the reception process allows the use of additional medications. The average duration of the drug is 10 weeks. The combined course involves primobolan to buy and use in conjunction with Turinabol. Sports doping remains as safe as possible and is paired with any steroid on the market today.

Novice athletes who want to gain lean muscle mass can take a course of the following medications:

  • Undecylenate;
  • Oxandrolone;
  • Methenolone;
  • Boldenone.

The duration of administration can be up to 12 weeks with average doses of each substance. Upon completion of the reception, it is mandatory to undergo a course of rehabilitation therapy. Primobolan, whose price is acceptable, allows you to successfully improve the result without additional costs. For prophylactic purposes, tamoxifen and clomiphene should be used in an amount of 10-40 mg and 50-100 mg daily.

Experienced athletes can buy Methenolone and successfully control muscle mass much faster. For this, popular drugs are used, including trenbolone, testosterone and methenolone. All of these substances are highly effective, so the duration of the course should not exceed 8 weeks. Post-course therapy consists of tamoxifen and clomiphene, which are consumed for 3 weeks.

Our company has many years of experience in selling high quality steroids. The catalog is constantly updated with new tools that are rapidly gaining popularity among athletes of different training levels. If you have not had time to buy methenolone, the price of which is attractive, in our online store you will have an excellent opportunity to face this task.

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